At the request of one RDA tester who is also a Voyager user, I have 
made some changes to the authority-generation feature of the 
cataloger's toolkit.  These changes are controlled by options and (at 
least at present) only come into play when the bibliographic record 
is itself coded "rda" in the 040 field.

         1) Create an 046 field from personal name $d, conference 
name $d, or (as I recall) the date qualifier in a 130
         2) Create 370 from conference name $c
         3) Create 382, 383 and 384 from apropriate subfields of 
name/title headings if the source bib record is for a score or sound recording

(That's the general idea but of course there's a lot of detail I'm 
omitting.  For example, 046 is only created for a personal name 
heading if the heading is for the name all by itself--not for 
name/title headings.)

Any RDA testers who are also tookit users and who would like to give 
this a whirl may contact me privately (please include the BatchCat 
version number) and I'll cook up a tookit installation package to suit.

I have some ideas about automatically supplying other of the 
authority 3XX fields, but I would prefer to discuss that work with 
interested parties before I take any steps.  Please feel free to 
contact me about this as well.

Gary L. Strawn, Authorities Librarian, etc.
Northwestern University Library, 1970 Campus Drive, Evanston IL 60208-2300
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newer!   fax: 847/491-8306
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