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There has been some work to publish archival description in EAD as
linked data. In my opinion, the most interesting developments are
those by the LOCAH project in the UK:

I gave a talk at the Cornell University Library's Metadata Working
Group last February outlining possibilities, theoretical aspects, and
inherent problems with publishing archival description as linked data,
which you can find here: <>. One of
the recent blog posts on the LOCAH blog goes into some of the issues
that I discuss in my presentation albeit into significantly more

I also run a discussion list on Semantic Web applications in archives:

My largest concern about possibility of representing archival
description in RDF is the lack of a formal data model for archival
description. EAD is a document model based on "traditional" finding

Mark A. Matienzo
Digital Archivist, Manuscripts and Archives
Yale University Library

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> Well I spoke with Ivo, found his result too, but it's not more than a rough
> introduction example. So it is not functional.
> Martijn
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>> Ivo Zandhuis has made one.
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>> Subject: EAD and Semantic Web
>> Dear All,
>> Currently I working for the archive of municipality of Delft (the
>> Netherlands) as part of Master Thesis in Computer Science (studying at Delft
>> University of Technology). The Thesis research is aiming at publishing
>> (parts of) the archive on the web using Linked Open Data. The archive in
>> Delft also uses the EAD standard.
>> I am wondering, since I've the dtd and schema of the EAD standard on the
>> website if there is also an ontology available (in owl or rdf) which
>> describes EAD.
>> Thanks in advange,
>> Kinds regards,
>> Martijn van Egdom,
>> Delft University of Technology