Hi Martijn,

You're right there is not much publicly available about this yet. We
(the APEnet project, developing the Archives Portal Europe, and
especially the APEnet WP3 team, responsible for the Archives Portal
Europe - Europeana interoperability) have just started to map EAD
towards EDM and as Marco said it's quite a challenge. We hope to be able
to implement EAD-EDM interoperability in the beginning of next year,
after launching our Archives Portal Europe pilot in January, but to what
extend will largely depend on how much of EDM will be implemented in the
next Europeana portal release, the Danube release, due in April 2011.

For your information: for mapping EAD towards EDM and for prototyping
and implementing this, we are cooperating closely with participants of
the Europeana Connect project (, especially the
Humboldt University of Berlin and the VU University of Amsterdam. In
case you're interested I could keep you posted about our progress. 

Best regards,

Wim van Dongen

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APEnet - technical coordinator / WP3 leader 

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Namens Martijn van Egdom
Verzonden: maandag 25 oktober 2010 13:09
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Onderwerp: Re: EAD and Semantic Web

> Hi Marco,
> I've looked for it, however it found nothing published yet (only the
documentation - not the owl it self), so if you now here to find it,
please let me know.
> Martijn

Op 22 okt 2010, om 14:21 heeft Marco Streefkerk het volgende geschreven:

> Hi Martijn,
> Are you aware of the work that's been going on within the Europeana 
> projects? A Europeana Data Model (EDM) has been developed that could 
> be considered as a overall ontology for the heritage domain, including

> archival material. There is a first concept to describe EDM as RDF.
> It might be of interest to your research since Europeana aims to 
> ingest different heritage collections described with heterogeneous 
> metadata schema's like EAD's, aggregating these and making them 
> available as linked open data.
> Mapping EAD's to EDM is a challenge that's been working on within one 
> of the subsidiary EU project called APEnet: the European Portal for
Archives. I've seen some examples of this.
> BR,
> Marco Streefkerk
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