On Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 1:12 PM, John Mark Ockerbloom
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> Thanks!  Is there a way to download the LC name authorities as a set
> from there or elsewhere?  (I'd really like to have something that I could
> bring
> in for bulk analysis, and that doesn't have restrictive terms and conditions
> attached.)

I agree. I would like to see bulk access mechanism to the LC NAF be
made via VIAF, or directly from the source at I asked Thom
Hickey a few months ago if it would be possible to get a bulk download
of the LC NAF from VIAF, or even if a sitemap could be created that
would allow interested crawlers to cleanly retrieve the records. I was
particularly interested in the linkages they have made in VIAF to
Wikipedia. Thom informed me that since I am an employee of a VIAF
participant (LC) he could send me the LC NAF data; but that concerns
about licensing prevented him from doing that with non-participants.
This seemed like a complicated situation, so I didn't pursue the
matter any further.

It would be nice to get some clarity on how interested parties can
interact with the NAF data without sipping through the VIAF's
SRU/OpenSearch straw. Don't get me wrong, it's a really nice
straw--check it out if you haven't used it before. And there is a lot
of thoughtful use of Linked Data baked into VIAF now as well [1]. But
it would be nice to see VIAF and/or serve as a data
synchronization hub with the use of feeds, sitemaps or bulk download