I wanted to provide a few updates.

We’re working on the publishing the Names.  We hope to make those available 
within the next 6 months, hopefully sooner rather than later.

We’re delighted the service has been successful, assuring its continued 
growth, so we’re taking the opportunity to revamp the system for the long-
term.  ID.LOC.GOV was initially designed specifically for LCSH and, though 
it now accommodates a number of additional vocabularies, the system has 
been _modified_ to accommodate these additions versus _designed_ with them 
in mind.  The addition of Names will be part of this revamp.  In the 
meantime, we’ll be making a few more vocabulary files available as SKOS 
within the next 30 days:  language codes, country codes, GACs, and several 
more PREMIS vocabularies.

We’ve also been working on MADS/RDF, which is an ontology that will be 
perfectly compatible with SKOS, but will have better support for 
identifying the types of authority records and their parts. We have had 
lots of calls for more granularity.   For example, MADS/RDF will support 
identifying the components of a pre-coordinated  subject heading.  At DLF 
in November Kevin Ford will be presenting for review the RDF we are 
targeting for LCSH and NAF.  Stabilizing that will help get the revised 
system operational.  We plan to offer a choice of MADS/RDF and SKOS and 
other download options.

Updates to ID as they occur will be noted on various lists.

Reminder, if you are experimenting with the ID files, please let others on 
the ID list know what you are doing.  We are all interested.