7xx fields in authority records are a component of the U.S. RDA Test. For details, see the document at

It is my understanding that these fields will be used for automated BFM at some point after the test has concluded. I would venture to say you could disregard them in your local database management workflow.


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I'm broadening the previous topic a bit because our local system just failed to load some updated geographic authority records... Michigan, North Carolina, etc. because of a new linking field in the authority format.
I looked at the MARC documentation but I do not see a practical use for the 751 so I'm wondering why I should bother with all the work of now manually replacing these records. I'm also wondering why I haven't seen discussion.
If there is a practical reason, would someone share that with me? Point me to discussion?
Mary Charles
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This was discussed in May at the BIBCO and CONSER Operations Committees
meeting.  I raised a number of concerns about all the options and the
implications for authority records and particularly for those of us who
are using network level catalogs like WorldCat Local. 

Casey A. Mullin
Discovery Metadata Librarian
Metadata Development Unit
Stanford University Libraries
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