I would like to wait until Monday when Europeans and catalogers in Asian countries will get back to work and read our discussions taking place on Friday. I am interested in their reactions to what the RDA testers are pushing through OCLC under disguise of the RDA test.

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> As I understand it, the North American (U.S. only?)
> community is the only place that is in such an uproar.  I think it's really
> in our best interest to take the test as seriously as possible and gain as
> much from it as we can.

According to one presentation I read[1], a number of European
countries are waiting for the results of the U.S. test--and
translations of RDA--before making any kind of move.  Another
presentation has some information on RDA implementation by non-U.S.
Anglo libraries[2].

[1] "RDA in Europe: making it happen : summary of presentations by
European countries on plans for moving to RDA" at

[2] "RDA and plans: Australia, Canada, UK, & US" at the same site.

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