A pet worry of mine, Bob. Here at UH all theses pass by the two original
catalogers to supply subject headings. The rest of the cataloging is
done by copy catalogers. We catalog around 500 titles  a year.


The theses are not required to have vitas (and never do, as far as I
know, unfortunately). We two catalogers might bother to check to see if
the author conflicts (either in our catalog or in the authority file),
or might not. In my case, again, I might or might not try to find out a
birth date by contacting the dean's office of the college. It is very
time consuming for everybody concerned, so we are inconsistent in
breaking conflicts. I have not bothered to go beyond that to try to
contact the students themselves, but it probably wouldn't be necessary,
since the deans' offices should always have the necessary information.
The secretaries in those offices are sometimes difficult to reach, or
have respond to an email or phone call. If I do reach them, they are
usually cooperative, but I feel that it is a bother to them. 


I have thought of other possible solutions, but have not pursued them: 

1.       Have another staff member in the library, who is empowered to
view student records (for purpose of fines, stops on records, etc.) do
the searching for us. This would entail that person's willingness, and
that person's supervisor's willingness as well, for that time to be
spent on a task of litle importance to their work.

2.        Get permission for the catalogers to have access to those same
records. I have not inquired and think the administrative powers might
not be willing to give us that permission. Again, it would be of little
importance to them, and we would, I assume, have access to other,
sensitive information about the students. 



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Good morning,


Are there any theses catalogers on this list?  I ask, as I have a
question regarding birthdates.  Do you  add birthdates to name hdgs. for


If so:

--Where do you get said information (via Registrar's office?, Vita?, CV
fact sheet etc.)?

--Do you routinely add them, or do you just use them to break a

--Are there issues you confront from authors if they see this
information in FirstSearch, public catalog &/or the Web?  How do you
handle such issues?


Thanking you in advance for your time.




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