I think it's good to make an authority record as early as possible, so
that future published works can be collocated with the thesis or
dissertation, but I wonder if we should make it standard NACO practice
to add a 667 note to an authority established from the legal form of
name in a thesis: "Change heading if form on later published works
differs". This would alert a future cataloguer, who might otherwise be
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Mr. Hall and others

As an aside, I wonder if the old prescription to use a full, formal name
in TDs and ETDs is loosening?

My institution's policy is full legal name.

I am amazed at the number of institutions that create authority records
for authors of theses or dissertations.  Just last week I made a
duplicate authority record for a speaker at an annual lectureship series
at my institution because his preferred usage was radically different
from the required full legal name required by the degree granting
institution.  I never imagined that an authority record would have been
made for an author whose only work was a thesis or dissertation.

I made an appointment with the assistant to the graduate dean to ask if
a blank could be put on the library reproduction permission form that
asks for the preferred name.  The assistant completely understood the
problem because the name by witch everyone knows her is a nickname.  She
thought it was a good a idea.  So beginning with the next round of
theses and dissertations, I will be making authority records for our
graduates, based on their preferred usage.

I appreciate hearing all this from all of you.

Gary Oliver
Abilene Christian University
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