I have a situation which is rare for me, so I am asking advice of the experienced:


I have born-print monographs (originals published 1886-1915) on microfilm and also on DVD-R (“burned” in-house).


The microfilm cataloging is easy: 260 for print data and 533 for filmer.


But what do I do with the DVD records? Is there a 533 for CD’s or DVD’s? Or, using the BSR PN model, should I treat these in the same way as I would if they were on the web (i.e “remote access”)? 260 for print data (my preference) and 300 “On 1 DVD-R with other items”? Something like that?


So far I haven’t successfully found any relevant examples in Catalogers Desktop, OCLC, or at the PCC websites that exactly fit my situation.


If anyone can provide advice or point me to some OCLC examples (USA practice preferred), I would be greatly appreciative.




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