Dear NACO participants,

Attached is an updated version of the document about what can and cannot be done to NARs in LC/NAF during the US RDA Test period (Oct. 1-Dec. 31, 2010).  This version will be posted on the Test documentation site; the guidelines apply if you are doing RDA authority work as either a Test participant (formal or informal) or a non-participant.

Revisions were made to the general guidelines at the top of page 1 to clarify/explain the guidelines.

I will be sending separate messages to those NACO participants who have created RDA differentiated NARs for individuals covered now on undifferentiated records or who have given a 7XX field for one individual on the AACR2 NAR.  See guideline #5 in the document.  The guideline in this document has always been not to create RDA records and not to add a 7XX; the wording in this revision just gives an explanation why this decision was made.
                Related caution:   Do not add information the new RDA fields (e.g., place (370), affiliation (373), gender 375)) to an undifferentiated AACR2 record.

Let me know if you have questions.