We are working towards including controlled vocabularies in for the semantic units in the PREMIS DD that specify their use. There is a wiki for the PREMIS Implementers' Group where we are collecting these. I have started with the suggested values in the PREMIS data dictionary. 
See to get the login/password for the wiki.
Go to:
for the list of semantic units that take controlled vocabularies (we aren't including those that would have purely locally defined lists).
You will see that some of the links have lists and some don't-- that is because we haven't completed them.

And for linkingAgentRole:
These are suggested values from the data dictionary; we need definitions for them. (okay, I admit I just put some in just now). In the case of linking agent role there is some overlap with the MARC relators list which we do have in We will want to show those relationships and consider using the same term for the PREMIS list as we do in MARC relators where there is an equivalent (creator, publisher, and copyright holder). 

Note also that we are just adding a linkingObjectRole for Rights (there is already one for events).

The intent is to put these lists ("concept schemes") into in the near future.

We would like people to contribute any that they have. You will see under event type that some values have been contributed from the Archivematica project. We encourage others to do the same.

The PREMIS Editorial Committee also recently discussed the need to set up a subcommittee to address issues of controlled vocabularies and assist in the development of these lists. If anyone is interested in volunteering to serve on such a committee, please email me.


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I'm a programmer/analyst with NYU's Digital Library Technical Services. I'm involved with preservation efforts for various types of digital objects. We are looking into Premis and its various aspects to help with preservation, such as agents and object Roles. The data dictionary and other documents mention using controlled vocabulary for Roles. However, I haven't yet found any registry which contains such controlled vocabulary. I was wondering if anyone was using Roles and if so, do you have your own list for your institution or is there something that's common which I have totally missed.
There is a LoC constructed list for events here:

Thanks for your help!


Esha Datta
Digital Library Technology Services
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New York University