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Pretty much all the conversation on that list has been about changes to
the facet response and the only controversial change is my desire to add
a displayTerm.

Here's a pointer to the achive for this month:


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> Subject: Re: <displayTerm> as a subelement of <term> in Scan responses
> Can you link to the thread in the archives of the list, or is it (like
> most of our lists, for no good reason) private?
> I am curious what the arguments against it are. It seems like a good
> idea to me?
> But I do not use Scan at all.
> I do not use facetting through SRU at all, but if/when I do, I believe
> I'd use displayTerm if it was there.
> LeVan,Ralph wrote:
> > There's an overlong debate going on in the search-ws-comment mail
> ([log in to unmask]<mailto:search-ws-
> [log in to unmask]>) about including a displayTerm as a
> subelement of <term> in a facet response.  The feelings against
> displayTerm are so strong as to suggest that it should be deprecated
in Scan.
> >
> > I've been the one arguing for the inclusion of displayTerm for
consistency with
> Scan, but I don't use it myself in any of my implementations.  So, my
question for
> you all is: do any of you actually use the displayTerm in your
responses?  If not,
> I'll happily drop my arguments.  If so, can you provide a good use
> >
> > Thanks!
> >
> > Ralph
> >
> >