Greetings, American Memory Fellows!


I wanted to let you know about a few changes that will be taking place on the Library's Teachers page over the next few days.


As you've no doubt noticed, over the past 18 months we've been updating all of our teacher materials. In late November, we're going to complete that project by launching updated versions of the Library's lesson plans with new finding and sharing functionality.


These new versions of the lesson plans will sport a more consistent look and feel, and will also include new features to help teachers discover and share them more easily. Each lesson, like the other classroom materials, will now have the Library's sharing toolbar, which will let educators save, print, or pass their favorite lessons on to their peers.


In addition, teachers will be able to use the Library's new Search by Standards tool to find out which state standards each lesson plan meets. This tool will also let teachers search all the Library's classroom materials for resources that meet specific standards.


In the process of updating the lesson plans, we've had to adjust some lessons' structure and text to provide a more consistent structure, as well as updating their URLs. But we've worked hard to preserve their content and core philosophy, and we welcome the chance to hear from the Fellows who created these lessons.


The lesson plans created by the American Memory Fellows have served as the core for the Library's teacher resources for more than a decade, and we plan for that legacy to continue. If you have any thoughts or suggestions regarding the new versions of lessons you created, please drop me a line at swesson (at)


Stephen Wesson

Educational Resource Specialist

The Library of Congress