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On 17/11/2010, Michael Biel wrote:
>>> If the photos are publicity photos for the labels or artists, they
>>> usually are printed for publicity and increased publicity is a gain.
>>> If they were purchased photos, when do the copyrights run out on the
>>> old stuff so we can get those issues back? Mike Biel [log in to unmask]
> From: Don Cox <[log in to unmask]
>> 75 years after the death of the photographer.
> Actually, looking at a fact sheet about the 1988 U.K. law, it looks
> like 70 years after year of publication for anonymous artistic works
> or works for hire, which most of the photos would be. Otherwise it is
> 70 years after the death of the author. We are approaching the end of
> the 1940 publication year.

At least some of the photos will be by known photographers who are
either still alive or have an estate that protects their copyright.

An example would be portraits by Douglas Glass.

I think 70 or 75 years after death is an absurdly long time - ten years
would be better - but that's how it is.

Don Cox
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