I am aware there is a pressing plant or two in operation for vinyl in Japan,but 
what,other than standard stuff like Blue Note reissues is currently being 
pressed there? All the new vinyl I buy is either US or European



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I have heard some of the same things about wait times at pressing plants. This 
from people waiting in the queue to get records pressed. I've also been told 
it's similar in Europe and Japan right now. There is much new vinyl being 
released and the reissue market sees new reissues every month. Almost all of it 
is premium-priced and should be manufactured to a high quality level (some 
current pressing plants do much better than others, but most of the stuff coming 
out of the others is retail priced more like $10-15 a record as opposed to 
$25-30 out of the good plants).

Anyway, I wouldn't consider myself a vinyl fanatic -- I still think a properly 
mastered CD will sound closer to the master source recording than any grooved 
disk -- but since so many CD's are so badly mastered, it's nice to see a niche 
market where care and craft trump cheap and fast. Keep in mind, though, as has 
been confirmed to me in numerous specific cases, most modern-issue (as oppose to 
reissue) LPs are mastered off a DIGITAL source (indeed most of the recordings 
are ALL DIGITAL from the mic preamp output to the mixed master), so it's a myth 
that the product is anything close to "all analog."

-- Tom Fine

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At this time, it has been reported that all equipment available to manufacture 
vinyl records in the US has been placed into service.  The major pressing plants 
have a wait time for new orders greater than 3-4 months.  Contrary to repeated 
claims, the market for vinyl records has steadily increased for over a decade & 
support playback equipment abound across the price spectrum.

More setups at CES focus on turntables than digital playback.  For a number of 
years an older fellow comes to our room with a travel case filled with old 
Decca, Mercury & other fine examples of superb pressings & the room overflows 
with listeners for as long as he's willing to stay.  During disc changes, he 
briefly talks about the recording & everyone is enthralled.  Lot's of fun.  No 
one suggests stopping to listen to the superb digital setup that is also in the 


duane goldman

On Oct 29, 2010, at 12:48 PM, Michael Biel wrote:

> The article says that vinyl sales have collapsed.  Huh?? We've been
> hearing that vinyl is the only GROWTH portion of the music industry.
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