Does anyone know if there are or were any lawsuits related to the Universal fire? Court records may 
include a list of stuff believed lost. For instance, there was a lawsuit about what was burned up at 
an Iron Mountain facility, and documents showed that lost was a lot of original artwork for 
Universal LP-era albums.

I've never been able to get an answer from any contact at Universal about the Command master tapes 
that aren't over in Germany (that would be all of the pop stuff and possibly some of the classical), 
the Kapp master tapes, the Impulse master tapes that have not been reissued, and Chess tapes that 
may not have been stored elsewhere. Also, there were supposedly some or many Decca disk-era metal 
parts, laquers, and documentation stored on the movie lot.

As always, I hope I'm not rumor-mongering, but no one I've asked has given me any facts or answers.

-- Tom Fine

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> Mostly about the paper stuff, but interesting article nonetheless.

Very interesting.  Now if we could only find out what was lost in the
Universal warehouse fire . . .

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