Here's a piece of trivia for you on a Friday ...

From the booklet for the 3-CD set "Early Ellington: The Complete Brunswick and Vocalion Recordings 
of Duke Ellington, 1926-1931" (p.10):

"All of the sessions were recorded at Brunswick's New York studio at 799 Seventh Avenue. The studio, 
which first opened in 1924, had a remarkable history: after Brunswick Records moved out at the end 
of 1931, it was used as a transcription studio (1932-4), then by Decca Records (1934-35), Columbia 
Records (1940-65) and finally A&R Studios (1966-84). It holds the distinction of being the only 
studio location in America and possibly the world to have been active from the acoustical to the 
digital recording eras. Ellington recorded there on various occasions in the 1920s, '30s, '40s, '50s 
and '60s."

As for the claim about the technology span, was HMV's Abbey Road studio built in the acoustic era?

-- Tom Fine