It seems that Falcon hit the world with a new production facility in the 
UAE in 1998 and Bernie Grundman was using them as of 1998 according to 
what I read on

My challenge is that one of the last two MAM-A dealers here in Canada is 
switching to Falcon and has apparently switched the RCMP already and it 
is becoming most difficult to get the gold archival MAM-A discs here.

I guess I could self-import them from Am-Dig, or even direct from MAM-A, 
but that is a lot of work and expense.

Yes, I try to get most of my clients over to downloaded files or 
hard-drive delivery, but that exacerbates the problem for the few 
remaining clients who really, really want CDs of grandmother's wedding.

Has anyone used Falcon CD-R and DVD-R blanks? What has been your impression?

It seems the recordable optical media business is another submerging 
technology. <sigh>


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