The following are on NAB hubs (no flanges), quarter-inch tape, in old 10" boxes. You pay Media Mail, 
shipping to USA addresses only. Garbage day is next Tuesday, so please claim them before then. Only 
shipped as a group.

1. about 2500' of acetate-backed Audiotape (Audio Devices) brown-oxide, circa late 50's or early 
2. less than 2500' of Scotch 111 acetate-backed, circa 1950's
3. less than 2500' of Scotch 202, polyester-backed light-black oxide, circa 1960's

These may be useful as "forensic samples" or for age/wear testing or whatever. I certainly wouldn't 
use them to record anything, they are ancient and shot.

Please ping off-list if interested.

-- Tom Fine