Apologies in advance for the cross-postings.

I have several reels of Scotch 206, approximately 2500' each, few or no splices, once-used from the 
1970s. Garbage day is next Tuesday, so please ping before then if interested.

I will sell them for the cost of the plastic 10" NAB reels they are on (ie the tape is free), $5 
each. No boxes, just plastic reels.

Scotch 206 is very hearty, good-sounding tape. Would I use this tape to make music masters? 
Absolutely not! Would I use for tape-effects, tape-echo, or to back up LP records or other tapes? 
Maybe, that's your call. It should work fine for those uses. Another advantage of Scotch 206 is that 
just about any tape deck can be bias-adjusted for it. And of course it does not develop sticky-shed.

Please ping off-list if interested. You pay $5 per reel and Media Mail shipping. USA addresses only.

-- Tom Fine