Hello all...

As I posted in early August, I have for sale, a large L.P. collection of 
recorded music libraries intended for use in Radio TV and Film production. 
With the exception of some sound effects, I believe virtually all of the music 
is instrumental.

I now have a full Excel database listing all the over 6,200 discs being offered 
and there are .

Please contact me by email if you are seriously interested and would like to 
see the list.

The discs are currently stored vertically in 58 double wall corrugated boxes 
weighing about 51 lbs each, measuring 13" x 13" x 16" located in a warehouse in 
mid-Toronto, Canada.

These come from a large library music distributor to radio/TV broadcasting and 
film companies and as such virtually all the discs are in pristine condition. 
Most discs are singles or duplicates and a very few triplicates or more.

My intention is to sell the entire lot on a you-pick-it-up or arrange shipping 
basis, and there will be no cherry picking or other side deals.  Other than 
physical possession, no usage rights are offered or transferred with the sale. 
  Most of the companies or their successors are still in existence and 
licensing can be arranged for commercial use if needed.

Some of the libraries originally had 78 rpm issues of their music, many of 
which have been transferred to LP's in this collection.

Again, please note: I am offering physical possession ONLY.

Any Radio/TV/stage or film producer will understand that the music is "pay for 
play" and if they want to use it in a production they will seek out the library 
publishers and obtain a license for the specific cue they want to use, and the 
production or specific use they have in mind.  Most publishers are eager to 
license even the really oddball applications of their music and the more it is 
distributed and people hear it, the more likely they and the composers will 
earn income from it.

A private collector wanting to possess the music contained in the library for 
his own private listening purposes can buy it and then listen to his hearts 
content, BUT he/she may NOT use it for any commercial or public purpose without 
first obtaining permission from the library publisher.

There presently is a list of a few people who have already indicated a serious 
interest in this collection and I would like to see this sale committed by the 
end of this month, November 2010.

If you are interested in this, please contact me by email, privately and off 
list, if you have any questions about it.

... Graham Newton
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