Apologies in advance for the cross-postings ...

I have a few 1/2" tape items for sale. These are all aluminum-flange NAB reels and real-deal 1/2" 
NAB boxes.

1. Empty reels (NAB 10" with NAB hubs). I have 10x AudioTape (Audio Devices) reels in 
brown-cardboard AudioTape boxes, boxes have some but not a lot of writing on them, some only on the 
spines, $10 each. Reels are in good shape (not bent or dinged). These go back to Fine Recording and 
are usually marked in wax pencil "3T1 or 3T2," meaning they had been run on the 3-track Ampex 300 
machines. Also some say "SA1" or "SB1" meaning they had been used in the recording truck, SB and SA 
were the named for the stereo 3-track machines (A and B reels). Again, $10 each.

2. Empty reels (NAB 10" with NAB hubs). I have 7x AudioTape (Audio Devices) reels in 1990's era 
white boxes, all boxes are clean and in NOS condition. $12 each. Reels are same as above, in good 

3. Empty reels (NAB 10" with NAB hubs). I have 2x AudioTape (Audio Devices) reels in Scotch 111 
boxes, little to no writing on the boxes, some writing on the spines. These are thick cardboard 
boxes, nice and stiff and durable. $12 each.

4. 2500' AudioTape (Audio Devices) brown-oxide polyester tape, once used then bulk-erased, on 
aluminum-flange NAB reels in brown-cardboard NAB boxes, condition as with Item 1 above. You can dump 
the tape, or use it get that "vintage" brown-oxide sound if your running tape as an effect or 
post-production method. $12 each.

You pay shipping (Media Mail for Item 4, ground freight for the other items), USA addresses only.

Note how low these prices for professional-grade 1/2" supplies are versus new-production items.

Please ping off-list if interested.