Can someone supply a history of DESTO RECORDS ???

I've searched the internet and come up with an incomplete outline of it's history (below).

The WIKI article should be updated.....

Best wishes, Thomas.

WIKI credits start c.1964, CMS distribution in the 1970's, demise early 1980's.

according to articles in BILLBOARD:
Desto founded c.May 1951 by Henry Goldsmith
 first release John Gay's Beggar's Opera - shipped in September 1951

 1952 release Kern, Gershwin albums

 1954 Billboard indicates ATLANTIC has issued 2 GEORGE BYRON albums from the defunct Desto label.

 1960's-70's various releases noted in Billboard

 1970  CMS offers Classical albums from DESTO with study guides by DAVID HALL.
 SEPT 1974  CMS takes over manufacturing distribution and promotion.
            also marketed in UK by PEERLESS
            DESTO artistic management HORACE GRENNELL

 What happened to the DESTO Label run by Henry Goldsmith?
 What is the history between 1954 and the 60's?
 When did Horace Grennell take over the label?  Is he the same person associated with Children's Record Guiild?
 Last reference to DESTO in Billboard that I've found notes release of the Medieval & Renaissance SAMPLER, OCTOBER 1980.

  When did DESTO (CMS??) actually cease operations?

  Where are their masters and who owns the rights to them?