On 2010-11-23 3:11 PM, Frank Forman wrote:
> It worked splendidly for a long time, but now one or the other channels
> goes out randomly. The problem can't be frayed wires, for I need merely
> unplug and replug the extension cable to the cable that comes out of the
> unit, and the sound comes back in correctly, but only for a while, a
> decreasing while over the years.

This is contact corrosion and a good contact cleaner (others may have 
specific recommendations--DeOxIt comes to mind) plus a thorough cleaning 
should restore these for a long while. Nothing wrong with the turntable, 
just the *&**&^^ RCA connectors.

Also, using an extension cord on a phono cartridge is usually a bad 
idea. The preamp should be close to the cartridge. That extra cable 
rolls off your highs a bit.


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