Help is needed for a gigantic project: the documentation and reissue of 
all sound and film documents of people of African descent IN EUROPE 
prior to the 1920s. (To be exact: during the acoustic recording era, 
pre-microphone). Of the circa 2000 potential sound documents, we have 
already located and digitized most - but our wants and search list is 
still long.

Among our wants are
=> recordings in Amharic by Tessema Eshete (Echeute) on the Beka and 
Odeon labels
=> "coon songs" by the African-American minstrels Pete Hampton and Laura 
Bowman on many makes of cylinders and discs
=> songs and recitations in Xhosa by Dr. W. B. Rubusana, MPC.,  and 
Palmer Mowetyana on the Homophon label
=> a couple of Spirituals by Evelyn Dove (on Aco) and Roland Hayes (on 
=> discs used to synchronize early films featuring black entertainers, 
actors, etc
and many more.
The complete list is here:

Background information about the project is here:

Thank you very much for your support.

Dr. Rainer E. Lotz
Rotdornweg 81
53177 Bonn (Germany)
Tel: 0049-228-35280
Fax: 0049-228-365142