Apologies for cross-list postings.

All of the previously-offered 1/2" tape and supplies is gone.

Now available:

1. I have five (5) reels of Quantegy 456, circa 2000, 2500' on Scotch/3M metal reels from the 70's.
In Quantegy boxes that have been written on but the writing is covered by white stickers (UPS
shipping labels). Tape is definitely not sticky (was recently run through my Otari MX-5050 4-track
to spool from hubs onto reels, no residue on any static guides or heads). $30 each.

2. I have four (4) reels of Scotch 207, circa 1973, 3600' on Audio Devices (Audiotape) reels in
Scotch boxes. Tape is usable, although I wouldn't master to it. $20 each.

Please ping off-list. You pay Media Mail shipping plus tape cost.

-- Tom Fine