Available for the cost of Media Mail (US addresses only), I have 8 reels of old brown-oxide tape 
that appear to be dubs of Bing Crosby 78's. They are spooled onto plastic 10" reels and do not 
include boxes, but I'll put them in envelopes. There are song lists for 7 of the reels. These reels 
appear to be full-track, 7.5IPS but some maybe 15IPS.

Also available for the cost of Media Mail is the 4-reel Longines Symphonette set "Bing Crosby's 
Favorite Love Songs".  These are quarter-track, 7.5IPS reels. May or may not have edge warp issues.

All 1/2" and 1/4" reels and tapes previously offered are now sold. Thanks!

Please ping off-list if interested in any of the Crosby-related items above.

-- Tom Fine