That was a CBS News feature -- note how far that organization has fallen!

Here's the story:;contentBody

I saw it on the network evening newscast last night. We were cooking dinner. I was kinda listening, 
then I heard Doug Pomeroy's voice. I turned around quickly enough to see the segment in Doug's lair. 
Cool! Good job Doug.

-- Tom Fine

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Just saw a brief feature on our local news station on the Bill Savery
collection - a series of about 1,000 off-the-radio transcriptions of
jazz and swing artists of the '30s that Savery's son is having restored
by our own Doug Pomeroy. Unfortunately, water and mold damage appear to
have destroyed about 25% of the collection, but the rest sounds pretty
promising. The editing of the piece was pretty awful. They announced
that recordings by clarinetist Benny Goodman are among the records, but
then played a saxophone solo by Lester Young in the background. They
also mentioned finding an uptempo recording of "Strange Fruit" by Billie
 Holiday, but the version they played in the story seemed as dirgelike
as the Commodore recording. And Loren Schoenberg's name was misspelled
"Schomberg" in an on-screen caption.

To top it all off, the dumb blonde news anchor introducing the story pronounced Count Basie's name 


Cary Ginell