Hi Cary,
The ideal guy to contact is Jerry Haendiges.  He is one of the best Old Time Radio (OTR) vendors and has supplied me with many of Buddy Clarks's radio broadcasts.  I'm sure he'd be glad of any other material.  He obviously has a huge library of old radio shows, and the ones that I have got from him are of excellent quality.  His web site: email and telephone number are all listed there as well as a terrific amount of information and other links to collectors and vendors.  It's a big industry that is founded in saving the radio sounds of the past.

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Any Buddy Clark fans out there? (don't all answer at once)
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Date: Friday, November 19, 2010, 10:21 AM

This was sent to me by Percy Faith's granddaughter, who is a friend of 
mine. Does anyone know of a Buddy Clark collector or fan club where 
these recordings can be housed?

I have a rather extensive collection of the WW II 
  era recordings carefully digitized and preserved with PERFECT handwritten 
  titles and times by a gentleman Wally Antuck, who I don’t believe is with us 
  anymore.  Even while he was doing this work I told him I wasn’t the IDEAL 
  recipient, to put it mildly, because I’m not at all a fan of vocalists and 
  Buddy Clark is from a time when – well the less said the 
  Still, there are probably 50 CD’s full of material 
  that Wally carefully restored taken from THE MELODY HOUR, from 16” 
  transcription discs.  I’ve done some searching, and there don’t seem to 
  be Buddy Clark fans out there.  Wally always said “I’d know what to do 
  with these recordings when the time comes” only I do not know!  Your mom 
  was uninterested; she mentioned that outside of these shows that to me are 
  “chopped up Carnation Contented Hours” meant for the AFRS, at least in 
  part.  It’s too long before even I was born (!) in 1952 to understand 
  some of these things.
  Though there was a rare instrumental/orchestral 
  track or an occasional vocal guest, most shows were strictly Buddy Clark with 
  backings by Percy Faith.

Please contact me if anyone has any leads or interest in this.

Cary Ginell