From: Frank Forman <[log in to unmask]>
> It worked splendidly for a long time, but now one or the other channels 
> goes out randomly. The problem can't be frayed wires, for I need merely 
> unplug and replug the extension cable to the cable that comes out of the 
> unit, and the sound comes back in correctly, but only for a while, a 
> decreasing while over the years.

Your problem is with the extension cable.  Don't use it.  Plug the cable
from the turntable directly into your pre-amp.  If you can't move them
closer together, try another cable.  I have no earthly idea why you
think the problem is inside the turntable, although it could be a
problem with the cable that is coming out of the turntable.  Flexing
them can damage the connections at the plugs.

> I downloaded a manual (not a step-by-step instruction guide but rather a 
> set of exploded diagrams and a parts list) off the Web, and it seems to 
> me that all the fancy electronics in the turntable is given over 
> entirely to speed control, not to the matter of the sound from the 
> needle to the shell down the tone arm, and out of the unit with a pair 
> of RCA-type male plugs, which plug into my integrated amplifier.

You expected otherwise?????????????????????

> Best would be to get the turntable fixed (and not buy a used one on 
> eBay, which goes for $600-$800),

There's nothing wrong with the turntable.  Fix the wire.

> I'll have no further use for a turntable after I have made 
> computer files of my remaining LPs, so please don't recommend anything 
> expensive, like over $200.

Of course the LPs will last MUCH longer than will your computer files.

> Ion's USB turntables seem all to come with a cartridge that is a fixed 
> part of the tone arm, so it seems I'll need a different brand of 
> turntable. Since I have the INport box, I don't need a turntable that is 
> USB-ready. 

You want to replace one of the best turntables made with a PIECE OF

Mike Biel  [log in to unmask]