[Docket No. 2010-4]

Copyright Office; Federal Copyright Protection of Sound
Recordings Fixed Before February 15, 1972

AGENCY: Copyright Office, Library of Congress.

ACTION: Notice of inquiry.


SUMMARY: Congress has directed the Copyright Office to conduct a study
on the desirability and means of bringing sound recordings fixed before
February 15, 1972, under Federal jurisdiction. Currently, such sound
recordings are protected under a patchwork of State statutory and
common laws from their date of creation until 2067. This notice
requests written comments from all interested parties regarding Federal
coverage of pre-1972 sound recordings. Specifically, the Office seeks
comments on the likely effect of Federal protection upon preservation
and public access, and the effect upon the economic interests of rights
holders. The Office also seeks comments on how the incorporation of
pre-1972 sound recordings into Federal law might best be achieved.