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> > Maybe we could imagine alternately something like "2000-41+au", where
> > the "+au" bit is an optional locale?

And when no locale is specified?

> For the given use case of a periodical that has a "Summer, 2000" 
> issue the precise definition really doesn't matter - almost 
> certainly the publisher does not have a precise definition in mind.

They generally do have a model.

> What might matter is whether the "Winter, 2000" issue is the *last*
> issue of 2000 (i.e. following after "Autumn, 2000") or the *first* issue
> of 2000 (in turn followed by "Spring, 2000").  The latter seems to be
> more common - I can't recall an example of the former.

In Germany, for instance, Winter 2011 is typically the last issue of 2010---
thus typically also Winter 2010/2011--- and the first of 2011. The first
"true" issue of a quarterly published in a given year is, in general, the
Spring edition. Other magazines that are published twice or 3 times a year
tend to have a Autumn/Winter edition that spans over to the next year. I know
of no German magazine that regularly publishes a Winter edition at the start
of the year--- except due to delay and then the edition typically becomes a
Winter/Spring combination edition. If we talk about editorial closure it can
be all over the map. Publication date? 
And now if we start of think of seasonal fashion.. It can get even wilder! The
women's fashion year is typically kicked off with New York Fall/Winter Fashion
Week (followed by London, Milan and Paris) in Feb showing productions for the
following "fashion" year but typically delivered in Autumn. The Spring/Summer
Show is in September and its showing goods for delivery the next calendar
year. The Rio Spring/Summer Fashion week is, interestingly, in June at the
start of their winter--- its targeting, however, also Northern America and

> This of course applies to the Northern hemisphere.  In the Southern
> hemisphere the ambiguity would presumably apply to "Summer, 2000".

Not always..

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