On 25 November 2010 14:54, Jakob Voss <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Q: "When did this band play in your town?"
A: "They gave a concert at 2nd and 3rd June"
> Q: "Oh, they started playing at 2nd and finished at 3rd?"
> A: "No, they gave two shows, one at 2nd, one at 3rd."
> Q: "But which date did they play?"
> A: "At 2nd, and 3rd, as I said."
> Q: "But '2nd and 3rd' is not a date!"

And we aren't (I suggest) trying to represent "the" date of complex
constructs like this. The reality is just as you say: there is a set of
concerts, and each concert had a date (and a time interval within that
date). Surely that is enough for any knowledge representation system.

Does anyone really want to represent dates of this kind of complex
construct? If so, why on earth? If we can get a simpler specification by
leaving out a doubtful edge case, I would suggest it was very much worth
leaving it out.

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