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On 25.11.2010 13:16, Simon Grant wrote:

   3. A combination (set) of values. This could be different from a
   range, for instance if {2000-12,2000} is the set of the month
   December 2000 and the year 2000, which is not the same as the year 2000.

Maybe that's OK, but I don't yet understand the practical application of
a set of date/time values. Perhaps it would be clearer (to me at least)
to have some concrete examples?

For instance if a book has been published several times, it's publication date is a set of dates.

How do you square this with FRBR?

I wouldn't take seriously any proposed single entity with a publication set of dates.
Doesn't this mean that the entity covers a set of other things each with their own publication date?

Any other examples?


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