I'm working on a little EAD parser library that I may use in future
projects. I'd like to be able to handle as many different allowable
variations on element use as I can. I'm wanting to set up automated
testing to see to what extent I can meet that goal. The EAD Tag
Library has been useful in developing it as far as I have.

It would be helpful to have a test record which exploits all (or most
of) the elements in all of their allowable contexts. [1]

This doesn't have to be a real example, but can contain dummy data
that can be tested against. So the text of a unittitle could simply be
"unittitle". Also repeatable elements within a particular context
would only have to be a list of two to be testable.

Does anyone know of a resource like this?


[1] Elements used mostly within mixed content would not need to be
present for my current use case.