Just out of curiosity, why XML Notepad?   It isn't something I'd recommend for a beginner in XML.

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Subject: just getting started

Foolish question, perhaps, but I'm just setting up my software to begin
using EAD to describe my collection.  I've been asked to use XML Notepad.

I can't figure out how to download the schema.  I get to this page:  What am I meant to do next?

From some of the things I've read, I think perhaps I'm only supposed to
point to the schema, not download it, but it's not clear to me how to do
that, either.

If I've managed to miss the instructions, please, someone point them out
to me.  I can find instructions for converting from DTD to schema.  I've
been through the archives here, but most of the questions also seem to be
about converting from the DTD to the schema.

I don't need to convert my EAD records from being DTD-compliant to being
schema-compliant, as I have no EAD records yet.  I thought about creating
some and then converting them, but XML Notepad doesn't like the DTD; it
seems to only accept .xsd extensions.

Any help will be most welcome!