Most of you are probably aware of two PREMIS-related services:

1) is a PREMIS-in-METS toolbox (PIM).  You can use 
it to validate a PREMIS-in-METS document, convert between PREMIS and 
PREMIS-in-METS, and create a PREMIS description of a file object using 
the DAITSS 2 Description Service.  A nice way to try out the toolbox if 
you haven't used it before is to use the describe service to create a 
PREMIS file object document, and use that as input to the validate and 
convert services.  (NOTE: you may get a validation error because 
describe has implemented the recently approved agent note element while 
validate has not.)

2) is LC's Authorities and Vocabularies service.  
Right now it contains values for PREMIS Event types and 
preservationLevel Role types.  Ultimately it will include values for all 
controlled vocabularies defined in the PREMIS Data Dictionary, as well 
as values defined in METS and MIX.  This is a linked data application 
that can be used by both humans and machines.

It seems to me that PIM tools could use LC's vocabulary service in a 
number of ways.  For example, the existing validate service could check 
values in the PREMIS document against an authority list in  
Perhaps the describe service could allow users to enhance the PREMIS 
description by selecting values from an authority list derived from the 
vocabulary service.

I would be interested in hearing from other PIGgies how you think these 
two services could interact in ways that benefit the preservation 
community.  If you have an idea, please post it to the list so that 
others can see it.  Thanks very much,

Priscilla Caplan