The PREMIS Editorial Committee would like to announce the availability of a PREMIS version 2.1 schema revision  that is now out for public review. The review period will be Nov. 23, 2010-Dec. 14, 2010. It is at:
This revision includes the following:
 1. Addition of the <mdSec> element definition, which is defined and  described at the end of the schema.
This provides for an extensibility structure modelled on what the METS schema does for its extensible metadata sections. Everywhere there is an extension element, now there is also the option to use <mdSec> in place of or in addition to the extension element. 

2. The following elements are added to <agent>:
<agentExtension>  (along with <mdSec>)
This reflects new semantic units approved by the PREMIS Editorial Committee, which are being incorporated into 2.1 revision of the PREMIS Data Dictionary.

3. <keyInformation> in <signature> was non-repeatable in 2.0 but should have been repeatable. This has been corrected in 2.1.

4. All extensions in 2.1 are repeatable.  In 2.0, some were non-repeatable, but this was an error.

5. Addition of enumerated value "2.1" to the 'version' attribute, corresponding to this version of the schema.
A minor revision (version 2.1) of the full PREMIS Data Dictionary is currently being reviewed by the PREMIS Editorial Committee and will be available soon. This will incorporate errors and clarifications found in version 2.0 and the agent changes approved as part of the change process. In addition, it will give guidance on extensibility consistent with the changes in the schema.
Changes approved and being considered by the PREMIS Editorial Committee are listed at:
Please send any comments about this revised schema to this list or directly to me.
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