To the Fellows,


I have some very painful news to convey.  Last Thursday, Elizabeth Ridgway, the Director of Educational Outreach, fell off of a horse she was riding.  The immediate damage seemed limited to a broken arm.  When friends checked on her the following day, however, they found her unconscious. 


Upon her arrival at the hospital, doctors discovered a blood clot in her brain that had caused a series of strokes in her brain stem.  Elizabeth had surgery to remove the clot, but doctors are not sure of the long term damage done.  She is in a non-induced coma and we are unsure of her long term prognosis. Her family has gathered at George Washington Hospital and will make decisions about the future based on Elizabeth's condition over the next few weeks.


For information and updates on Elizabeth, please visit:


I know that you join me in sending your prayers and best wishes to Elizabeth and her family.

Judy Graves