Sorry for the off topic post (like it never happened before). I think 
there are folks across the pond on this list who could advise me about 
satellite television. The thought came to me after reading about 3-4 
channels. Now I have 200 and still want more.

What I am wanting to know is this - what stations in Europe (or 
anywhere) would carry the most live classical music performances? I'm 
wanting to subscribe to a package from those countries to be able to 
enjoy more live concerts. France? BBC? Russia?


Joe Salerno

On 12/7/2010 5:52 AM, Music Hunter wrote:
> I remember being the 1st family in the neighborhood to get a television.
> A little 6" round screen Olympic. Folks came from all over to see it
> like a rock star. I think we got 3-4 channels in the beginning.