Does anyone know the history of SOUNDBOOK (BOOK-RECORDS Inc.) which produced a series
of 10" LP's bound with a book relating to the recording, one had 45rpm disks.

Some of the albums were re-issued by CAEDMON in a CB-x series (with 10" LP),
and later expanded to 12" with additional material.

They may have a connection with COOK RECORDS - one indicates "a Cook recording",
another has recordings edited by Sam Eskin, who was connected to Cook (but also
Folkways, and independent).

Below is a list of the albums I know of - PLEASE send information for any others.  Thanks!

Best wishes, Thomas.

Soundbook  ???  THE PUEBLO INDIANS in Story, Song and Dance
                as told by Swift Eagle
Caedmon CB-3
Caedmon TC 1327  12" (expanded)

       published in cooperation with Cornell University Press

Soundbook  988  THE TIME OF SINGING - The Story and Songs of Passover
                Michael Alexander, baritone' Richard J Neumann, musical director.

Soundbook 1011  THE STORY OF THE MUSIC BOX      (with 2-45rpm disks)
Caedmon CB-2  with 10" disk
"A cook recording"

Soundbook 1020  GOLDEN SLUMBERS  Lullabies from near and far
Caedmon CB-1
Caedmon TC 1399  12" (expanded)
Record research and editing: Sam Eskin