Here's what I wrote. Did anyone see this? I don't believe I did.

re: Rach 2 performance by Composer on LP

But first the rejection notice. This is a new one for me.

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------what I wanted to say -----------

So is LCT-1014 the same or not as LM-6123? (first complete reissue in a 
set of the 4 Concerto and Paganini Rhapsody).

(This was a Christmas present that I begged for. When I opened the 
package, which was obviously records, I was greeted by a recording of 
Bach Organ Music! My mother had found one on the Somerset label or some 
cheapie groc store label and included that on the top to throw me off 
and surprise me, which she did!)

I didn't own LCT-1014, but there was a public library copy that I heard 
a long time ago. I never compared the two. I didn't realize all this 
about the alt takes until I heard the complete LP reissue, which is 
different from LM-6123, (and by then the library's copy of 1014 was long 
gone). Or some sides are different. I have never done a detailed 
comparison. I remember my astonishment at first hearing of the little 
slip towards the end of the third movement.

joe salerno