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> Wasn't this the time that we had composer Gerald Marks as speaker, and 
> ARSC didn't provide him a piano?
> Don

Oh my, yes.  That was so funny -- he made the funniest comments about 
the situation.  I'm glad it wasn't my year to be program chair!  I have 
that on tape too, he went up to the front of the stage and was about 10 
feet from me.

Joe Salerno asked what I was going to do with these recordings, and from 
some suggestions by several IASA execs at the last conference, we need 
to find a grant to get them professionally digitized.  I left the VHS 
and DV tapes up with Leah and I have the 8mm here, and probably also a 
couple of the VHS that were in the box of 8mm that I had planned to 
bring up there but forgot.  We'll work on an inventory over the winter 
and see what comes up with the ARSC and IASA boards.

George is right about the permissions, and I have usually worked off of 
the permission sheets ARSC has gotten for the recordings they do.  We've 
been turned down only a few times, but actually I have not done any 
distribution except to the presenters themselves if they have asked.  
(At IASA in Canberra, George really surprised me when he said he didn't 
want to be taped!!  I thought he was pulling my leg at first, then I 
realized he was serious.  So into the bag went the camera.)   We used a 
few snippets in Leah's documentary (and that section is on you-tube), 
and long ago I did a presentation at the collector's clubs in Sydney 
Australia and the City of London showing some short excerpts of American 
discographers and researchers they might not otherwise get to meet.  The 
Fagan and Moran talk is in the Victor project archive and might go on 
line eventually. Leah's video of the first First Sounds presentation is 
part of their archive, and David G says he shows it alot (which reminds 
me that Leah needs to get him the most recent presentation tape.)

ARSC's ARSChive at Univ of Maryland has incomplete audio going back into 
the 60s, but for me the most exciting thing were the still photographs 
Paul Jackson took of the MLA "rump session" where ARSC was created.  He 
also took photos of the first conferences thru at least 1972.  We need 
to get them digitized so that we can show them to Paul, and Steve 
Smolian and David Hall, to get identifications of the people in the 
photos.  They are 1/2 frame 35mm and most of the negatives are there.  
(And George, I think I have footage of when HAL FLAKSER cornered you at 
the ARSC opening party in NYC.  I tried to run interference but he was 
determined to get to you once he heard there was someone from Denmark 

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