I remember her from the JACK STERLING radio show, in NY.  Charming!
here is a discography:

Best wishes, Thomas.

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Since helping out ever so slightly on a Beryl Booker documentary that is 
being made I was summarily smitten by the woefully under appreciated 
talent of Mary Osborne. She saw a Charlie Christian gig live in North 
Dakota as a kid and promptly went on to make jazz guitar her life's 
work. In a fairer world the fairer sex would get an even shot and Mary 
certainly deserved better. Not that she was completely ignored in her 
lifetime but I think that a male guitar slinger as kickass as she was 
would be something of a household name in jazz circles by this point and 
not a tiny footnote.:  

Does anyone here have an original LP of Mary Osborne that they would be 
willing to sell or trade. I have a CD burn but I want the genuine article.

    MARY OSBORNE: A Girl And Her Guitar, WARWICK 2004

Thanks to all and very happy holidays to the entire ARSC community 
around the world,