Hi, Dan,

Instrumentation tapes and computer tapes generally had much thinner mag 
coats than audio tapes.

I would also NOT assume that the binders were the same...nor would I 
assume the quality control was the same.



On 2010-12-22 9:19 PM, Dan Nelson wrote:
> For many years (60s-70s) i worked with DAK( the catalogue electronic guru)  and
> we re-slit 10's of 1000's of reels of computer and instrumentation tape from 3M,
> Ampex (main frame computer tape) Sound craft (brown oxide).
> Having access to all this stock i was always bringing rough winds or  short
> reels home....... to which i still have an outside storage shed full of  7/10"
> x1/4 and 10x1/2 inch tape. Stored with out regard for heat and cold.
> I pulled some of this stock since this sss discussion and the 3M instrumentation
> stock from the 60-70 doesnt seem to  show any sss. The same goes for Ampex  1/2"
>   computer  even the backcoated.
> I would think that  the binder would be the same for
>   audio/computer/instrumentation/video tape coating lines would be the same
> .......  it would be the oxide formulation or grain orientation  that would be
> different.
> Any comments ?
>   dnelson

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