Same here.

In Houston, I recall Mohawk-8 and Sunset-2. Sunset was where I lived. 
Later it was 622. Some numbers in that area are still 622.

Mohawk was my grandparent's house. It changed to 668. Many years later 
when I lived in that same area, the phone exchange was still 668. They 
changed little, only new exchanges, if that is the proper term, were 
added that did not have an associated word to help memorization.

One day as I was poking thru the garage I found a little sign for the 
company that had installed the first (manual) overhead garage doors, the 
kind that were wood and pivoted on the side of the door, not sliding up 
a rail. That number, from the very early 1950s, had only 6 digits. Came 
as a revelation to me that there was a time when phone numbers were not 
7 numbers.

joe salerno

On 12/7/2010 1:54 AM, Andrew Hamilton wrote:
>  Our family recalls two Cincinnati, Ohio exchanges that were used until
> the '60s, I believe: TRinity 1-xxxx; and EAst 1-xxxx. The exchanges are
> the same, today (871-xxxx; and 321-xxxx), but few recall the mnemonics
> of yore...
> Over,
> Andrew