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Sorry, never knew him. My father and his two brothers were army guys, as far from music as one can imagine, and when they were still around only briefest mentions were made. I have come to learn he was controversial, even reviled among some, and I was recommended to read "Who killed classical music" to learn more. Got the book but haven't read it yet.

When I started being interested in music as a ttemager, parents mentioned him as the only other Judson into it... Wish I had asked more questions! I was 15 when he died.

I'd actually love to hear some stories anyone has to share..
Sad to say, I have no personal knowledge of him. As they say, "I have read a great deal" about him. According to what I have read, and I am sure others on this list can add a great deal more, he basically had a monopoly on much of the classical music management in this country. For a time he was "manager" of both the New York Philharmonic and the Philadelphia Orchestra and, at the same time, head of the largest artist's management organization at that time. Eventually his monopoly was challenged in the courts.
His management and promotional activities laid the ground work for much of the classical music business, a business model that still can be found, at least in part. Right or wrong, he was one of the most significant individuals in the business side of classical music in this country.