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> Hi Thomas, I remember Remmington as a low budget priced label
> that we sold for a dollar or two. I really don't remember much
> else about them. as you know, this was many years ago.

Remington was "A Don Gabor Production" as was proclaimed on each album. 
Some of the covers were done by Alex Steinweiss, adding a bit of class
to a budget label.  The price of the record was built into the catalog
number, and I think the lowest series was 199, and there was also a 299,
perhaps even a 399 series.  They probably ended up being GREATLY
discounted!!  Most of the recordings were European, some licensed and
some he actually recorded and produced himself.  The Enesco conducted
Rumanian Rhapsodies were on Remington.  At the 1999 IASA in Vienna we
had a presentation by a conductor who had made many of the early 50s
recordings in Vienna for many of the labels.  I asked him about Gabor
and he did not have nice memories of him.  

> If my memory is correct, the Vox materials were all public domain recordings.

There was a lot of info about George Mendelssohn in a Vox anniversary CD
set a few years ago, and I doubt that more than a small few of the
recordings on Vox were PD recordings -- at least the recordings
themselves.  As for the music, Haydn and Beethoven, etc. were PD, but
Vox also released a lot of modern music.  Pop stuff, too.  Can't forget
the George Feyer "Memories of . . ." series.

> At The Record Hunter in those days, we carried every title in print on
> every label just like Music Hunter does now. With so many labels,
> it's hard to remember those details after so many years.  Jay Sonin

That was also Sam Goody's claim back in the early 50s.  I never hit The
Record Hunter until I was in high school around 1962, but that was after
you were out of it (??) when it was only one store on 5th Ave. just
north of 42nd St.  Lots of fond memories there -- I can cite specific
records I got there that were important to my collecting development. 
Things that were not at Goody's!!  I don't remember the uptown and
village locations of the RH I see in ads in the early 50s.  

I've been wanting to put together an ARSC presentation about NYC record
stores, and I need to get together with you!  We need to capture the
golden age of the independent store in the 40s and 50s.  

Mike Biel  [log in to unmask]  

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> Hello Jay Sonin,
> I noticed your post on ARSCLIST re Boris Rose.
> Wonder if you have any information about the relationship between Record 
> Hunter and
> Remington - I remember buying many of their albums at the Record Hunter - 
> they seemed to be a
> perpetual "sale" item.
> I did an extensive Richard Dyer-Bennet discography a while ago, and there 
> is the unexplained
> modification to his Remington album. After the initial release, two 
> tracks were deleted
> on all subsequent Remington pressings (some still listed the songs on the 
> label even though they
> were NOT on the LP), and not on the Continental reissues.
> Do you have any knowledge of why this was done?
> Also, some sources have theorized that the tracks on a VOX ep might have 
> come from the Remington session. They could also quite
> easily be unissued masters from the Vox 78rpm recordings.
> If you know anything related to these questions, or can direct me to 
> someone who does, it would be very
> helpful to my researches.
> Thank you.
> Best wishes, Thomas.
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