The Lindström project is an international effort to document the entire output of the Carl Lindström company and associated labels (Odeon, Beka, Parlophon, Fonotipia, etc) during the 78 rpm era. The project is coordinated by the Gesellschaft fur historiche Tontrager in Vienna. Two project reports have already been published, and a third volume will appear in May 2011, covering Lindström activities in several regions - for more information see the GHT website

A new feature on the website is a numerical listing of Beka recordings, starting with the 1904-1907 period. The listings are compiled by Christian Zwarg and will eventually cover all Beka, Parlophon and Odeon 78 rpm recordings worldwide. Researchers should note that only a small part of the original Lindstrom recording ledgers exist today, and most of the listings are derived from surviving discs, and secondary sources such as catalogues, advertisements etc. For this reason, we welcome additions and corrections to the listings. Every little piece helps

At the moment, the listings are not so easy to navigate, but click the Lindstrom logos on the right hand side and you will eventually get to listings such as

A small part of the original Lindstrom recording ledgers is still preserved in Germany. The ledgers mostly cover sessions held in Germany. The project also plans to scan these ledgers and make them available on CD-ROM  -  this will be announced in due time.

The next project meeting will be held in Hildesheim, Germany on May 27 - 29 in connection with GHT's annual Discographentag. Anyone interested in the project or the meeting is welcome to contact me offline.

Pekka Gronow